My day starts bright and early. My feet hit the cold wood floor of my bedroom at 3am and the cement bakery floor at 3:30.
Pastry Room
My work area
There is no time to hesitate, the second I enter the bakery doors I am already turning on convection ovens and pulling croissants from the walk in. My first task of the day is to mix the scones, cranberry/walnut and blueberry/oat. 
Once the cranberry/walnut are mixed I know my ovens are up to temp and I load the large convection oven with morning buns. I then head back to the pastry room to finish preparing the scones. I work off timers, always making sure I plan my time accordingly so that every time one goes off I am ready with something new to load into the ovens. It is a very effective way to work, it helps keep a steady pace and I am sure to get the pastries out in time for the driver who needs everything by 5am. 
After I have finished the scones I start egg washing all of the morning croissants, depending on the day of the week there could be anywhere from 2-4 full racks of croissants. 
Once I get all of the pastries out for our driver so he can box them up and deliver them all over the greater Portland area I am then able to move onto my other tasks such as preparing the buckle. Buckle is essentially a single layer cake, traditionally made with blueberries, topped with streusel. Here at Standard I have creative freedom with the choice of fruit in the buckle. During the summer we get fresh fruit from local farms delivered and I enjoy mix and matching them to create delicious combinations. I am also responsible for preparing the gingerbread, apricot and raspberry galettes, coconut macaroons, almond macaroons, almond croissants, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, brioche loaves and rolls, financier and madeleines. 
Apricot Galette
Raspberry Galette
After I have finished preparing and baking off all of the AM pastries I am then able to move onto prep for the next day. We prepare all of the dry ingredients for the scones the day before to ease the work load in the morning. We leave them in the walk-in so all we have to do is add the wet ingredients and fruit. I also prep the gingerbread batter, almond croissants and buckle batter. Once all of my tasks are finished I am able to go home and nap... Zzzzzzzzzz 


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